Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a very serious issue in our country. Thousands of people die or sustain catastrophic injuries annually because people choose to drink and drive, causing serious motor vehicle accidents (MVA). Drunk drivers are legally responsible for the injuries and deaths they cause when making that careless and reckless choice, and if a drunk driver has injured you or killed your beloved family member, you have the right to seek compensation. After a fatal car accident, your family has the right to sue in a wrongful death case.

Our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have the depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and skill necessary for successful drunk driving accident litigation. We are also sensitive to the personal factors involved. We understand the pain and turmoil you are going through, and we will handle your case with sensitivity and compassion while aggressively fighting for the best personal injury compensation possible.

Drunk Driving Accidents: You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

In many car accident cases, injured accident victims choose to handle their cases by themselves, without a lawyer's assistance. We never recommend this approach in any car crash case, but it is especially important to work with a skilled injury attorney after a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving accidents involve intensive investigation to gather evidence, including conducting depositions, reviewing medical records for key information, performing accident reconstruction, studying car accident reports, and obtaining information from the local prosecutor. Almost invariably, a drunk driver will also be subject to a criminal case that corresponds with the civil lawsuit that we bring. Our Indianapolis auto accident attorneys have experience using the facts and outcomes of criminal cases to reinforce drunk driving lawsuits for our clients. When a driver pleads guilty or is found guilty of drunk driving, facts from that guilty plea or verdict can be used to help establish recklessness in civil court, which can increase the personal injury settlements awarded for our clients.

Let Our Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers Help You

Contact our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers today online or by telephone at (888) 494-3765 for a free consultation if a drunk driver has caused you injury or has caused the death of your family member. Ask a lawyer how we can provide you with your options for obtaining compensation and seeking justice for another person's reckless actions.

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